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Creative Spaces

When I first bought the domain for my name, my drive was twofold. First, there is increasing value in owning your own digital space. Maximizing for authenticity by attaching it to your real world identity will only add to that. As Josh Wolfe has written, in a time when "fake" is becoming more and more abundant, what will inevitably be valued is the scarce: "veracity + TRUTH". This space is meant to be a continual exercise in exploring the veracity of my own truth.

The second motivator for this is to have a digital creative space. Somewhere I can throw light and words at the wall and admire the relative beauty and ugliness of what sticks. Creativity is a weird force. For a long time I thought it was one that exerted minimal pull on my life. The past five years have smashed that belief, and exploring creative energy has not only made me better in my professional life, but has become an essential form of self discovery and growth in my personal life.

I've written for a long time, mostly chasing academic or professional pursuits, but even those I've long enjoyed. Allowing words to flow out rather than delicately choosing a topic and plotting the resulting course is new to me. It's an activity I've found increasingly valuable that more I lean into it. I first started exploring the emotional resonance of light when I picked up a black and white film camera in high school. Privileged enough that my school had a dark room, I equally enjoyed the act of finding the interplay of light in the real world and accentuating and manipulating that interplay during development. This space is a combination of the above ramblings and more.

This is an exploration of light and words.


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